What does this boat do?

We are providing the cheapest and most reliable way to monitor the oceans for conservation, research, and exploration of the surface of the Earth's oceans!


How does rudderless sailing work?

Because we have sails on each side of the keel, we can apply differential pressure fore and aft the keel to make the boat pivot as we desire!


What happens if the boat tips?

The monohull design ensures that our boats are stable sails up! We lose a little power when the boat heels over, but we still maintain control over the boat with smart control algorithms and decades of sailing expertise.


Are those sails just wings?

YES! That's the best part! Our wings generate more power AND have less drag than a conventional sail.


What kind of science can we do on these boats?

Ever dreamed of monitoring 15 square miles of ocean all at once for a month? We can make that happen for cheaper than chartering ONE boat out to sea!